Abaya Perfumes – not just for Abaya!

Explore the new range of perfumes for abayas and uplift your mood instantly while leaving a lasting impression.

Abaya Perfumes are not only just for Abayas!

These perfumes are 100% alcohol free and versatile, they can be used for any type of fabric. Since they are water-based, they wont leave any stains and can be applied without a worry for a long lasting scent.


Prance through a paradise of lush plums, exquisite violets and electric jasmine with Amani.

35.00 QAR


Enjoy the enticing aura of citrus and jasmine blend, along with rich and oriental notes of musk and oud, leting you adrift in the thralls of Earth.

35.00 QAR


Explore the tropics and endless flavours of ‘Sadaat’, bringing you an explosion of fruity scents in harmony with the beautiful freshness of rose, the sweetness of vanilla and the elegance of musk.

35.00 QAR


Let yourself be embranced in a tradition blend of the delicacy of sweet apples and the blooming blossoms, elegantly complimented with the power brought by spicy sandalwood and tangy oranges.

35.00 QAR


Indulge yourself in the poise of white flowers and lily of the valley, wrapped in elegant drops of amber and musk, along with a bold infusion of citrusy notes.

35.00 QAR


Brighten your day with tangy oranges and vivid lemons, and add spice to your life with the luxurious sandalwood base.

35.00 QAR


Feel the addiction to narcotic ylang-ylang, powerful leather and animalistic scent and once you experience Mufaddal, there is no way it won’t be your favourite.

35.00 QAR

These perfumes can be used on any type clothing. They wont leave any type of stains because they are 100% alcohol free and are water-based. Like other water-based fragrances, they last long, are not too overpowering and are perfect for those who have sensitive skin.