100% Alcohol Free
Water-based Fragrances

Dunya & Fakhriyah

Elevate yourself to the next level with exquisite scents to create a striking aroma of charm and sophistication with water-based perfumes that are 100% alcohol free.

Ritaaj & Khalifa

Experience the embodiment of elegance and class with an effortless blend of precious Amber, luxurious Musk and delicate Tagetes with Ritaaj or feel the power of the bold fusion of Roses and Sandalwood with Khalifa.

Unlike mainstream perfumes which are alcohol based and usually mixed with denatured alcohol or ethanol, water-based perfumes are 100% alcohol free. In water-based perfumes, the perfume oil is mixed with distilled water to create the fragrance.

Contrary to what one might believe, water-based perfumes offer long-lasting and full-bodied fragrances. Water-based perfumes offer longevity as an eau de parfum that can easily be worn all day and into the evening (containing an oil concentration of 15%).

Nadeen & Yumna

Brighten up your day with a dose of freshness. Start out with the sparkling notes of Citrus carried by an explosion of Refreshing Floral Scents, all wrapped in an elegant Blanket of Musk.

Liali & Qadr

Indulge in the embrace of delicate Floral Notes, wrapped in elegant drops of luxurious Woody Amber for a mesmerising and an unforgettable experience.