• Hot Couture for Women, edP 100ml by Givenchy

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Dior Homme Series by Dior

Dior Homme is a revolutionary interpretation that is audacious and surprising, conveying all the facets of modern masculinity.

The unique and immediately recognizable trail of a man, who is distinguished and elegant with a free and cavalier spirit. The confident trail incarnates a masculinity entwined with smooth, noble qualtiy.

New Limited Edition – Pasha de Cartier Édition Noire

The Pasha de Cartier collection is designed for contemporary and elegant men; to those who want to be noticed.

Enclosed in a striking bottle that evokes the light and shadow of the scent within, Pasha de Cartier Édition Noire limited edition is of one of Cartier’s most famed fragrances, fuelled with mystery and alluring by its very nature.

NEW! – Orto Parisi Collection

Orto Parisi, created by Alessandro Gualtieri, is a fragrance collection with three main themes: freshness, childhood memories, and capturing the authentic smell of life. The brand aims to recreate natural body odors to capture the essence of life in their perfumes.

Orto Parisi states that our body is experienced like a garden, and its smells are a true mirror of our soul.


Explore a range of different fragrances with miniature perfumes. Because of their size, they are ideal to travel with, easy to carry and budget friendly, making them a great addition to anyone’s perfume collection.

The Woods Collection

The Woods Collection takes you on a journey through thorny thickets, over wild roots and muddy banks, and where you’ll discover where the forest conceals its treasures.

Prepare your senses for the journey. Let nature show you the way

New Olympea Blossom by Paco Rabbane

Let yourself be swept away by the new Olympea Blossom – a floral and fresh scent signed by Paco Rabanne for a radiant and confident woman.

With its iconic sweet and delicate scent, Olympea Blossom is an instantly recognisable romantic and modern fragrance.

212 VIP Collection by Carolina Herrera

Born as a celebration of youth, the 212 fragrance collection reflects the free spirit of a new generation and the vibrant energy of New York City.

An ode to friendship, freedom and partying, these fresh scents complement the authenticity and fearlessness of those who embrace youth as a philosophy for life and who bring the party everywhere they go.

A spicy floral, 212 VIP Rose RED for women gets its optimistic and refined character from tomato, the playfulness from the sweet tiramisu, and attitude from the queenwood.

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