Confidential Collection by CH

The Herrera Confidential Collection is a collection of rich, evocative fragrances, a combination of elegance, authencity and luxury. The exclusive collection pays tribute to the most iconic scents of modern perfumery and is crafted from the finest ingredients, housed in exquisite glass bottles and embellished with bold jewel tones. This opulent range can be mixed and matched to create a unique and highly individual fragrance.

Bleu de Chanel Collection for Men

Dive into the intense Bleu De Chanel Universe. Bleu de Chanel from the house of Chanel is an unexpected and undeniably bold fragrance for men. Inspired by the essence of determination, the Bleu de Chanel line was created for the man who defies convention and chooses his own destiny with independence.

Dunhill SIGNATURE Collection for Men

The Signature Collection from Dunhill London is obsessive about quality and range of materials, ingredients and where each originates. Signature Collection links the fragrances to the fashion, accessories, Dunhill’s past as well as its future. The Signature Line is luxurious tradition fused with modern sophistication creating a magnetic attraction.

MANCERA Collection

The Mancera Collection is a result of luxurious inspirations and perfectionism and transcends western and eastern inspirations. Mancera fragrances, inspired by Art Deco, are made only from the most precious and luxurious of ingredients, rare and refined materials. The elixirs were created to stand the test of time. With Mancera, embark on a journey to the edge of remote lands, where myths are born and the future is drawn.

Niche Perfume Oils

Niche Perfume Oils are inspired by iconic fragrances and all-time favourite perfumes from all around the world. The oils are alcohol free and made from the highest quality ingredients. Embark on a wonderful adventure with these concentrated perfume oils.

Dunhill ICON Collection for Men

The Icon Collection launched by Dunhill London is inspired by the spirit of adventure, the thrill of sports and the rush of the contemporary world and perfectly encapsulated each facet of the Dunhill London man’s life. Experience the world’s finest aromas and ingredients as the ICON Collection takes men’s fragrances to new levels of sophistication.